Every adventurous traveller appreciates the golden rule of travel, which is detailed planning. This not only means knowing if the weather or exchange rate will be desirable, but also finding the right mode of transport. Car rental companies are hailed as the gods of the road. They eliminate the need to rely on public transportation, especially if the aim is out of city exploration.

However, even though the act of hiring a car is simple in nature, it still requires due diligence. Basically, knowing what, if any, is the age limit that is permitted to rent a car in New Zealand. Understanding the implications of tax is also another equally important fact of consideration. In some instances, knowing the essentials of the insurance of your rental agreement can mean the difference between paying unexpected sundries, or leaving a rave review of your experience.

Either way, taking the time to go through the terms and conditions, which tends to be the pitfall of many, makes for a memorable trip. While the idea is to see what the country has on offer, it is only through the logical application of the requirements that things go smoothly.

We aim to make things easier by addressing the real issues that cause a snag in holiday plans for many car rental users. We even go a step further, as to make sure that you also understand the jargon that comes with the gambling regulations of the country. We appreciate that you don’t always have the time to dedicate to in-depth research, and so we bring the knowledge to you.