Department of Internal Affairs Works for the Public

The Department of internal affairs controls gambling in New Zealand. Both the community and the economy should be made to benefit from public gambling, so portions of the profits are returned to the community. There are a number of different activities which constitute gambling, including a live casino, and all of them are controlled by the same department. The Department of internal affairs monitors the revenue pulled in, the profits generated and what is paid back to the community.

Horse racing and lotteries

Horse race betting was once illegal in New Zealand, but that changed in 1961. Horse race betting and lotteries are two of the most popularly supported forms of gambling in the country and around the world, with a huge following for both. Hundreds of thousands are spent on both disciplines, and this too is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. Winnings by those betting are reported to the department, and all the necessary taxes are deducted from the earnings where need be.

Slots or “Pokies”

Slot machines became popular in 1987. Many bars and hotels kept them on the premises as a form of entertainment for guests that frequented the facilities, with the maximum jackpots being limited and regulated. Slots have long since captivated the world of gambling, with many trying their luck by spinning the reels. Slot machines that are found in casinos are also regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs, but the amount available for maximum jackpots is substantially larger.

Regardless of what form of gambling is taking place, it is regulated. Without regulation, there would be no control over money paid out, or the taxes due on that revenue. The Department of Internal Affairs ensures that all parties and the community benefit from the activity. The department ensures that there is no benefit that isn’t recorded and accounted for by law. If you win you still have to pay something back.