The requirements for transportation types and usage vary for individual travellers. However, when the decision to be a road user in New Zealand is made, then knowing how far your driving documents will take you becomes of the uttermost importance. This is mainly due to circumstances reflected on your licence that may affect your ability in obtaining a vehicle of your choice. Overcoming the car rental age of 21 is also another point which cannot be neglected.

The assisting one-year reprieve

UK licence holders fall within the category of countries with native driving permits that New Zealand allows road usage from, for up to a year. These two countries resonate with having the same driving side. The transition is only limited to surroundings familiarization. Another plus for Great Britain drivers is that they are exempt from the process of applying for an international driver’s licence. It equates to a smoother transaction once the yearly grace period is over, especially if your stay in the country requires the use of private transportation.

The real deal breakers

Regardless of citizenship, car rental agencies or even automobile sellers require customers to have a valid driver’s permit. However, the main concern relies on whether or not you have convictions or points. The exact amount of points and type of conviction will impede the ability to use your UK licence in New Zealand.

If you’ve been a bad driver in the UK, then chances of getting away with driving abroad are hindered. The misdemeanours that are often of negligible consequences to licence usage include traffic light violation, speeding, pedestrian crossing offence, mobile phone offence, etc. These often warrant only 3 points, which tends to work in your favour.

Higher points require talking to the company you wish to acquisition a vehicle with. Accept the possibility of two outcomes, namely, a solution or outright rejection.