Like many countries, New Zealand (NZ) permits 18-year-olds and over to take to the road. However, while this age is accepted nationally, car hire companies stipulate an older age group. As well as being older, you also need to provide an English driving licence, along with a valid credit card. For non-English drivers, the licence needs to be translated into English by an approved translation company.

21 Is the Magic Number

It will not come as a surprise to many, that the minimum age for hiring a car in NZ is 21 years old. Anyone 20 years and older is considered an adult within its national society. This stage in age offers up other possibilities, including having a small drink within the alcohol driving limit. You can even work, or play, at a casino. With these factors considered, it makes sense that local car rental companies would apply this stipulation to their terms of use.

Surcharges for Under 25’s

For anyone under 25 years of age, rental companies may impose a surcharge, which is called a young drivers surcharge. Without prejudice, this tax is a result of a lack of driving experience, which is often the case with younger road users. In 2016, young drivers within the under 25-years category accounted for no more than 25% of the cost in road injuries. These types of demographic factors are not lost to vehicle hire companies, who advocate for safe driving for all their customers.

However, age is undoubtedly not the only factor to be considered, as older people take to the roads. To sign a car rental agreement, you must have a licence that is older than one year. This reflects the necessity of experience which transcends age, especially, if you already have a minor handicap of having to deal with different road usage.