Travelling often offers opportunities for vast experiences, including road navigation. Fortunately, the global uniformity of road safety makes it easier to use the roads of your host country. However, prior preparation to changes to your normal driving condition has to be taken. Here are three tips to remain safe on the New Zealand roads.

1. Left is right and right is wrong

Roughly 18 countries in the world drive on the left-hand side of the road and New Zealand is one of them. This often presents a logistical problem for the right-hand side road users. Confidence behind the wheel is essential to maintaining and adhering to the road safety precautions. Due to this, various platforms provide simulation driving experiences for opposite road users. Alternatively, you can opt to use local transportation for a few days before hiring a car.

2. Overtaking dangers are prevalent

Regardless of your accumulated driving experience, caution is always advised. New Zealand is known for dangerous roads, which include the Skippers Canyon Road. Besides photogenic landscapes comes the danger of sheep herds crossing at random. Furthermore, weather conditions in certain mountainous areas could hinder visibility. Due to these and other hazards, overtaking should be considered only in case of necessity.

3.Intersection obstacles require awareness

Most roundabout accidents in New Zealand happen due to incorrect signalling. The resulting manoeuvre then confuses fellow road users. Fortunately, there are signs showing arrows indicating the correct usage of this section. Unfamiliar surroundings offer up their own challenges, even for a seasoned driver. Full attention is required, so avoiding distractions during this crossing is the only logical option. Expect to receive costly fines and driving warnings if you are found to be abusing or misusing the local roundabouts.

Naturally, preparation for any road, especially in a rental car is paramount. You already know the rules, and their application is one way of guaranteeing travel safety.