Gratification at Last for a Tourism Stalwart

The travel industry in New Zealand has reached a fever pitch. Tourists are flocking to the country, to enjoy the beautiful sights, and take in the rich culture and heritage. It is the determination of individuals like Chris Paulsen that have allowed it to happen. Paulsen began his journey in the travel industry early in life. He never looked back.

Paulsen’s Pathway to Success

Chris Paulsen’s 50-year journey in the industry, began with his work in sales and ticketing, which was his first job as a newly graduated high school student in Christchurch. For close on to a decade, he stayed in that position. His love for the travel industry solidified. 1977 was a monumental year for Paulsen; this was when he and his wife, Maureen, dove head first into the travel industry. They sold their only possession, their car, and started their first wholesale travel company. For the next decade, he refined his skills and was ready to take the next leap of faith. His vision was much higher than the wholesale travel industry.

The founding year for House of Travel was 1986. Paulsen sold his wholesale travel business and went in search of something more. Timaru was the venue of the first House of Travel store. It opened in 1987 and is still operational today. Sales in that particular store last year were just shy of the $2 billion total. A phenomenal achievement.

Top Honours

Paulsen was finally granted his dues, for the effort and determination he has shown through the years. His lifetime achievement award, presented by the travel industry, is well-deserved. His excellence in an ever-changing and expanding sector has been recognised and acknowledged. Paulsen was praised for his innovative approach to the industry and his part in creating an environment that has boosted the sector considerably. His love for his work is evident.