Red Light Slope Renegade Let Loose in Otago

Tourists do sometimes have a hard time adjusting to driving in a foreign country. One New Zealand national caught it all on camera. In Central Otago, on Friday afternoon, the tourist was seen skipping a red light and facing oncoming traffic. The one-lane bridge left little room for manoeuvring, and the result is the tourist, and the vehicle, finished up at the bottom end of a slope. This could very well have ended badly, but thankfully, had a much lighter outcome.

Powell Recounts the Event

Speaking with the Herald, Powell, who witnessed and recorded the incident, explained what happened. The tourists had passed him by at quite a speed. They failed to see the traffic light that stands just before the one-lane Beaumont Bridge and sped on without stopping. They only realised once they were on the bridge, and a vehicle was facing them head-on, that they had done something wrong. In his attempt to reverse back off the bridge to give the other vehicle right of way, the tourist misjudged the area and ended up at the bottom of the slope.

It Could Have Been Worse

This particular event had quite a funny ending. It appeared as if the tourists reversed down the slope on purpose. Once there, they couldn’t get back up. Nobody was injured in the incident. The police were on the scene to take statements from all involved. The tourists were ordered to have the rental car towed.

This once again serves to prove, that vigilance is required by all drivers when visiting foreign destinations. While it is all too easy to become distracted by the scenic views in Otago, careful driving is required for the safety of all in the vicinity. This event ended on a lighter note; however, it could have been much worse. At least the tourists have a story to take home with them, and the locals have a hilarious tale to retell over and over again.