Scoot Your Way into the NZ Travel History Books

Approval for a rent-by-the-minute electric scooter initiative in New Zealand is raising questions. The opportunity does present many benefits for cities that suffer from congestion; however, there are concerns as well. The operator, Lime, has a substantial financial investment from the likes of Uber. The first scooters are set to hit the pavements in Christchurch and Auckland soon. The initiative follows a mixed reception in other countries. Some have undoubtedly embraced it, while others have not.

The Benefits Are Bountiful

Congestion in cities is a problem that is increasing daily. Many have shown negativity towards scooters; however, there are many benefits to these small contraptions. Affordability is a huge decisive factor. The costs of scooter use through this initiative will be extremely reasonable. Unlocking a scooter will set you back $1, and a further 30 cents per minute. The best part about it is that they can be left at the final desired ‘off-point’. Pollution in cities will be significantly reduced through the use of scooters. A trip through town to your destination will be much quicker than by car, bus or even bicycle. You don’t use the roads, only the sidewalks. This eliminates navigating through traffic.

Is Success on the Cards?

Anything new takes time to get used to, and the same will apply for the scooter initiative. The process is going to require patience. Streamlining the effort won’t happen overnight. The councils need to be aware of what’s going on. If they require changes to be made, then it must be done. The scooter initiative needs the cities, more than the other way round. Electric scooters have the potential to become a successful part of the public transportation network. Considerations have to be made as to whether they will benefit the communities as a whole. It is terrific that councils have recognised the congestion problem, and are willing to consider initiatives to combat the transportation woes in the city centres.