Take Heed or Car Rental Costs Could End Your Holiday Early

Renting a car when travelling the country is often considered the best option. It allows you the freedom to really explore, and experience the country without having to stick to a schedule. There are many places that the mainstream tours, and tour buses, don’t even consider visiting. Renting a car in itself is already a costly affair. If you don’t find out all the additional charges beforehand, you may be left out of pocket.

Make Comparisons

There are ways and means to beat the system and save yourself unwanted costs. When making your bookings, it is always advisable to make search engine comparisons of a variety of car rental companies in the area. Be sure that you compare the same package types across the board. Do they offer the same number of free kilometres? Is roadside assist included? What is the cost associated with an excess waiver? Comparing the same thing will guarantee you find the best prices. Visit the websites of each company, and make sure that you have been provided with the best price on offer.

The Booking

You have finally made your choice and are ready to book. When confirming your booking, be extra vigilant about additional costs that are being added to your account. While you may escape it online, when you arrive in person to collect, you may be strong-armed into taking something you really don’t want to. Be aware that some companies offer their staff considerable incentives to sell value-added services, that end up costing you a fortune. If you can help it pay in cash. Using a credit card leaves you open to unwanted charges for things you have no idea about. You might find that rental companies don’t accept cash, and that’s precisely why.

Before you even sign on that dotted line, read your rental contract thoroughly. We know you are itching to get going on your holiday, but a few extra minutes could save you thousands.