The Business Leaders Take Control

The Telegraph Smart Mobility Summit is an event on the business calendar that causes great excitement. Leaders in business, decision-makers, and those who hold policy-making in their hands come together to create and innovate. A variety of speakers are expected to grace the podium this year. Each willing to share, discuss, and influence, to reach decisions that will create a better tomorrow.

Ms Kirsty Lloyd-Jukes

This Oxford University graduate is a vehicle entrepreneur, that is moving onwards and upwards. She is ranked as undoubtedly one of the most successful women in business in the UK. Kirsty has headed many start-up ventures, one of her most prolific being the Car Genie. Latent Logic is her newest venture, which is causing a stir in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). The company is involved in the development of AI software designed especially for autonomous vehicles. Her innovation, and ideas, have placed her in a seat that many would love to be in. She is well-respected for her great mind and determination.

Head of UK, Drivy: Katy Medlock

This ambitious woman has cemented her place as Head of Drivy, UK. She has always had a concern for the environment, and the congestion which is prevalent on the roads throughout the UK. Her passion for the motor industry has shone throughout her career. She has held a high position at a leading New Zealand car and camper rental-company called JUCY Group Limited and has also been involved with Tourism New Zealand.

There are five women, and seven men, who are set to wow those in attendance, with their innovative ideas, and thought patterns. While each is different from the other, they are all gathered with a common goal. Some of the other speakers waiting to share their knowledge, and insight, include Kenneth Malmberg, Director of Strategic Alliances, RideCell, and Alejandro Agag, Chief Executive Officer of Formula E Holdings. The stage is set ready for the magic to happen.