Tragic End to Tourists Trip

The guilty driver, Evvon Le Fern Tiang, is a 33-year-old. She was visiting the country from her home in Malaysia. The accident took place on Monday, July 9 at approximately 7.30pm. The accused appeared at Levin District Court, where she was formally charged, and convicted, of two counts of negligent driving which caused fatalities. The details of the unfortunate incident came to light during the proceedings.

A Grave Error

Tiang was navigating a straight road in a very dark, unlit area. She was driving a rental car, as she toured the country with her parents. A slight lapse in focus and attention led to her crossing the centre line. As she tried to fix her error, she overcorrected. This is what caused the vehicle to lose control, and strike two trees in the process. The lives of her parents were lost during the accident, leaving Tiang shell-shocked, and visibly shaken during the court hearing. She wiped tears from her face as the judge addressed her on the matter.

Judgement is Passed

Judge Susan Edwards was put in charge of overseeing the very sensitive case. While she did acknowledge that it was a lapse in attention by Tiang that led to the accident, she went on to state that the loss suffered by Tiang was punishment enough for her wrongdoing. The mistake was far less grave than the results of that error. Tiang was convicted of the deaths of the two passengers through negligent driving. Her driver’s license has been suspended for 12 months for each life lost.

Judge Susan Edwards displayed a great sense of composure, and compassion, when dealing with the case, that was extremely sensitive. The young accused had already suffered enough for her error. Edwards made a call that may have surprised many, but it was perhaps the right one for the situation.