Who Takes Care Of Chaos Caused By Rental Drivers?

A man from Kaikoura, Paul Gasson, was recently involved in a head-on collision with a tourist who was driving in a rental vehicle. The tourist in question was on the wrong side of the road when the accident took place. The guilty party from Luxembourg, Mr Le Roux, was given a fine for not keeping to the left of the roadway by the police. He has subsequently left the country and has not been reachable for any of the important insurance information that is required.

Gasson gets the short end of the stick

Paul Gasson has not had an easy rode since the accident. While he did have third party insurance, it does not cover any loss should the accident be caused by someone else. His vehicle was written off and the lives of himself and his conservation dog were put in jeopardy. Paul has spent the last two months trying to get Happy Campers, the rental company in question, to assist him in sorting the financial side out. Fair Go was approached to help him with the matter because the rental company refused to pay, stating that they are not responsible for damage caused by someone driving their vehicles.

Happy camper in the wrong

It appears that the insurance clause on any Happy Camper rental places the onus on the person renting the vehicle should any accidents happen. This is out of the ordinary for rental companies according to Barry Kidd from the Rental Vehicle Association. A combination of the rental company insurance and the driver’s insurance should foot the bill.

To date, Paul has received less than half of his claim of $7000 against Happy Campers. He is obviously unhappy. The small payment has given him some leeway to move forward and continue with the work he does for conservation in the country.