Surprises in New Zealand are not only limited to the geothermal allure of Wai-O-Tapu, or even the spherical Moeraki Boulders that boast an impressive size of up to 2.2 metres. Visitors can also enjoy various cultural explorations which fascinate the imagination, such as the likes of Ice Castles found on a ski resort in Queenstown. Most holidays are not complete without experiencing a penguin tour in either Christchurch’s Banks Peninsula, for the little blue species, or Otago Peninsula for the yellow-eyed ones. With an abundance of activities and sights to behold, a choice in transportation can often assist or limit your experience opportunities.

Travel by car for the winding roads

The reason most tourists opt to travel by car, often a rented one, is because of the convenience. While local tour buses are fun – as reflected by reviews on TripAdvisor – and can often be a nice way to meet other tourists, they aren’t always appropriate. Once you factor in the location of the desired destination, freedom of choice, in terms of time, duration, and even spontaneity become essential. Rental cars, when applied with contingency into the travel budget, can offer more open roads than scheduled programs.

The adage of planning

Geographic mapping of the desired destination is the implementation of good planning practice. This will give you an idea of the miles and distance it takes from one location to another. Fortunately, most rentals cars come with GPS as standard, making it almost impossible to get lost. Another plus point of planning is that you can ensure you have adequate accommodation for the various pit stops you are likely to make. Refuelling will also be a necessity, so knowing where to find a petrol station will prevent you from getting stranded.

Regardless of whether you are frugal with your time, or leisurely with your travels, finding a mode of transportation that caters to you ensures a less stressful holiday.