New Zealand is known for the breathtaking views and phenomenal countryside. The emerald hills and the sapphire water create a magical backdrop for adventure. Travelling through New Zealand is best done by rental car. The time is your own to explore at will. Travel into the unknown and get lost a little along the way. Who knows? You might discover something unplanned and wonderful. Treasures missed by bus but not by rental car are Te Maka Peak, The Forgotten World Highway 43 and Kawhia.

Te Maka Peak

Te Maka Peak provides some of the most beautiful views in the world. Every direction you cast your eyes in is filled with a beauty no words can describe. Te Maka Peak is well known as a spot to take a hike, ride your bike along one of the trails or venture the unknown by car. The views that greet you at the top make it all worthwhile. Forest and limestone valleys provide the perfect route to the peak.

The Forgotten Highway 43

This is New Zealand’s oldest and dearest heritage trail. The highway spans 155km. Whether you choose to drive it or bike it the experience is one you don’t want to miss. There are so many wonderful places to stop along the way. Enjoy the New Zealand culture and revel in the beauty of the countryside. Stop off at Taranaki Pioneer Village or Makahu Tunnel. Ponder the destination of the bridge to nowhere. A taste of what you have waiting in store for you. Take the trip and uncover the treasures that abound.


A quaint, coastal town in King Country. The harbour is the landmark to see. Dunes covered in forests the only border between the Tasman Sea. This quietness and calmness are what is so magnetic about this area. One of the best-kept secrets of Kawhia is the Hot Water Beach. If you truly want to experience paradise on earth, Kawhia is the opportunity.