Countries like the UK make up less than 10% of tourists in New Zealand, with neighbouring Australians taking up a larger piece of the international visitor pie. The travel statistics reflect that people who come into the country require some form of transportation to get around. Some opt to use the touring coaches to avoid the hassle of having to navigate foreign roads, or even create an itinerary. Sometimes sharing experiences can be an experience within itself. However, certain limitations still apply, which make coach tours a secondary option to private car hire.

You are tied to a predetermined schedule

For many, adventure doesn’t necessarily have boundaries. You shouldn’t and won’t be limited when exploring and learning. It’s all part of the journey. You will get to see all the most important sights and landmarks by bus. The problem is that sometimes the things you miss out on are the most memorable of all. There is only so much you can see on a bus tour. Your time is not your own. You are on a schedule. An adventure should never be limited like that. A bus tour doesn’t allow for unplanned stops. There is no chance of spontaneously deciding to stay in the quaint cottage in the hills for the night. It isn’t only the itinerary that puts a damper on the mood.

Time to bond with your family

If your holiday includes your family, going on a bus tour leaves little time for bonding. There are so many other people on the bus that spending quality time with just your brood is almost out of the question. There are so many new people to talk to and learn about. You forget that your family is part of it. While you may form bonds and friendships for a lifetime, the most important relationships are not part of the deal.